Is it Necessary to Have Body Shop Work for a Scratch on Your Car? 

October 25th, 2021 by

Getting a scratch on your car is one frustrating way to ruin your day. It can leave you wondering how much it will cost to fix and is it even worth fixing. I mean, if it’s just a little scratch on your car, then what’s the real damage? The answer might surprise you! Toyota of N Charlotte is here with the 411 on everything with scratches.

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Should You Fix the Scratch on Your Car? 

It’s actually really good practice to fix a scratch on your car as soon as possible. If you leave the Charlotte Toyota scratch on your car longer than you should, then it can cause larger problems down the line. Our Charlotte Toyota auto service technicians are here to explain why you need to get that pesky scratch fixed.

Issue #1 Rust.

One issue that can happen if you leave a scratch on your car for too long is rust. Yikes! If your car gets a pesky scratch, then it’s pretty much removing the clear coat and probably the paint that goes over the metal. When you leave the metal exposed, then your sweet whip is exposed to the harsh elements outside. Moisture can then seep into the metal if it’s left exposed long enough and create rust. This is why it’s important to take your car to the Charlotte Toyota repair shop.

Issue #2 Paint wrinkling. 

Also, if you have a scratch on your car, it could cause the paint around the scratch to wrinkle or even peel. This is not only a good look, but can also lead to rust. This would mean another trip to the Charlotte Toyota auto repair shop.

Issue #3 Bigger issues beneath the surface. 

Another big issue is getting into a fender bender. You might think you’re saving money by not getting minor damage fixed. However, you could have further damage beneath the surface (like technology). Most N Charlotte Toyota cars have safety technology built into the car. So, that “small” fender bender you got into could actually become an expensive fix if it’s left unchecked.

Issue #4 Loss of value. 

When it comes time to purchase a brand new car, then you’re going to want to sell your old car for as much as possible. If your car has a bunch of scratches on it, then this will bring the value of your Toyota car. Most people will assume the inside of the car will look dingy if the outside of the car looks bad.

Visit Toyota of N Charlotte 

If you need some more advice on what to do about those annoying scratches, then come on down the Toyota of N Charlotte! We have the best auto service technicians that can make your car brand new. Just book an appointment at 13429 Statesville Road. We’re open seven days a week and look forward to helping you out with your auto body repair.

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