Pothole Damage Blues

March 11th, 2019 by

Construction and poorly maintained roads can be tedious to deal with in your Charlotte Toyota. It’s like everywhere you go you don’t fail to run into debris, uneven surfaces, and even worse, potholes. The thing about pothole damage is that the destruction from it sneaks up on your car. So if you see a pothole from afar and you’re able to avoid it without putting yourself and other vehicles in danger, do it! Pothole damage is unfortunate to deal with, but you’re fortunate to have Toyota of N. Charlotte give you the breakdown of how to avoid these road hazards as well as the type of damage you’d be dealing with if you run into one.

Toyota of N. Charlotte talks about pothole damage that can happen to your vehicle.

Pothole Damage Blues: Notes from Toyota of N. Charlotte on How to Handle Them

  • Tires: The tires on your Charlotte Toyota immediately take punishment from pothole damage. Potholes can cause a flat tire, bend the rim of your wheels, and break the seal between your tire and wheel. It can also misalign your tire and cause uneven wear over time. So the best thing to do is to address this as soon as possible so that you won’t have to deal with it at an inconvenient time.
  • Alignment: When driving at a high speed on a highway you feel like you’re free from the challenges in the world. But when you hit a pothole at that very moment, your Charlotte Toyota undergoes pothole damage that is difficult to ignore. The alignment of your car can be affected. You can notice this if your car is involuntarily pulling to one side, or you feel a vibration sensation on your steering wheel. If you are experiencing these signs, take your car to Toyota of N. Charlotte’s auto service experts right away.
  • Suspension: The suspension on your Charlotte Toyota is what makes you have a smooth ride with easy turns. It’s also the reason why the body of the car doesn’t rub against the tires. If your car undergoes pothole damage, it can decrease its performance. It can cause difficulty with turns and cause the seat and steering wheel to vibrate.

When there’s construction in the N. Charlotte area, it can be good in the long run but while the roads are being built and fixed, it tends to be a hassle with all the traffic from confused drivers and unpredictable potholes. Avoid car accidents by practicing defense driving. It’ll help you prevent any other troubles that could possibly happen. Anyhow, if you do happen to get pothole damage on your car, don’t hesitate to visit our Charlotte auto service techs to solve the problem as soon as possible at an affordable price! We can have your wheels realigned, get a set of new tires, and repair suspension issues that you may have gotten from pothole damage. Schedule service online today or visit us at 13429 Statesville Rd just off I-77 in Huntersville. We’re open Monday through Saturday till 7pm. For any further questions Call 704-659-2025.


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