7 tips to make you a better safe driver on the highway

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Are you a highway driver? If you find yourself hitting the open road during your day-to-day commute, then it’s important to know how to handle it. Highway driving is a lot different than driving in the city, in the suburbs, or on rural roads. Cars are moving at high speeds and traffic can also be heavy, making your commute challenging. Don’t be intimidated, though. Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help you be a better safe driver on the highway, which is why we’ve compiled this list of handy tips. Check it out below!

N Charlotte Toyota tips

Toyota of N Charlotte’s tips to be a better safe driver

Tip #1: Follow the speed limits – both of them. 

Did you know that there are two speed limits on the highway? One of them is maximum speed and the other is minimum speed. Don’t break either of these speed limits, as it enhances your chances of getting into a car accident. Be a safe driver and be mindful of the speed you SHOULD be traveling.

Tip #2: Merge responsibly. 

Merging can be tricky. You don’t want to speed ahead and cut people off, but you also don’t want to drive too slowly and build up traffic behind you. Try to travel with the flow of traffic and use your turn signal to indicate your wishes to merge into the next lane.

Tip #3: Don’t let yourself get distracted. 

When you’re traveling at a high speed, the last thing you want to do is get distracted. Put your phone away, keep your hands on the wheel, and pay attention to the road and the cars around you to avoid getting into an accident. NEVER text while driving, especially not on the highway.

Tip #4: Always check your blind spots. 

Always check your blind spots, but especially on the highway. Cars are moving quickly on the highway and they can speed into your blind spot just as you’re trying to get over. Always check so you don’t end up in a collision.

Tip #5: Know how to react to emergency vehicles. 

Part of being a safe driver is knowing how to react to emergency vehicles on the road. In the suburbs and city, you’re supposed to pull to the right and stop. However, on the highway you’re supposed to pull to the right and slow down, but NOT stop.

Tip #6: Don’t pull over unless it’s an emergency. 

Stopping on the highway is a bad idea – it’s dangerous to be on the shoulder as cars whiz by you at high speeds. Toyota of N Charlotte recommends trying to make it to the next exit if you can; only pull over and stop if it’s an emergency. Be sure to pull as far onto the shoulder as you can and turn your hazards on to make yourself more visible.

Tip #7: Don’t do anything but pass in the left lane. 

The left lane is for passing only. You should drive in the right and middle lanes and just use the left to pass cars – never ride in the left lane, as you can cause traffic behind you.

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