Scary car maintenance issues

October 10th, 2018 by

It’s the scariest time of the year, scary movies, scary costumes, and even scary car maintenance! One minute you can be driving to work or to the grocery store and then find yourself, and your Charlotte Toyota vehicle, in a frightful predicament. While disaster can strike at any time (and year-round), you can take measures to prevent car maintenance issues like flat tires and dead batteries that’ll save you from becoming another unfortunate victim. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with an easy to follow guide on auto care disasters and what to do when they strike.

Car maintenance guide from Toyota of N Charlotte

Situation 1) Dead battery

On a night when monsters are roaming the streets, having a dead battery is sure to get you caught by whatever may be wandering in the dark. To prevent this car maintenance issue from happening to your Charlotte Toyota vehicle, pop your hood open and inspect your battery regularly. If you notice corrosion starting to form on the terminals, a loose cable, or that your vehicle is having difficulty starting up, make sure to have your battery inspected by one of our auto service experts at Toyota of N Charlotte. You should also keep a pair of jumper cables on hand in the event that you need a jump and your roadside assistance phone number handy, just in case.

Situation 2) Flat tire

There’s nothing scarier than trying to make your escape from a monster (or making your usual grocery run) and then a flat tire trips you up. To avoid this car maintenance issue, make sure to check your tires a few times a month for current tread depth and holes/punctures. In the event that your Charlotte Toyota tire goes flat, always keep a well inflated spare tire, lug wrench, and jack on hand.

Situation 3) Car overheating

All that running from ghosts and monsters can get your Charlotte Toyota car a little heated, so much so that your car might overheat! If this car maintenance issue happens while you’re on your trick-or-treating route, keep your cool and pull over. Pop open the hood and inspect your coolant reservoir to see if you’re running out. You should always keep extra coolant or water on hand in the event that your current supply runs out. Before you get back to candy hunting, make sure to take your overheated ride into Toyota of N Charlotte for and inspection and repair.

Station 4) Dashboard lights

There’s nothing more ominous and creepier than seeing a check engine light come on during your drive. This can mean a variety of different car maintenance issues could be happening. To catch the killer of your Charlotte Toyota vehicle, make sure to bring it to our auto service department immediately!

Fix your not so scary car maintenance issues at Toyota of N Charlotte

Car maintenance and mishaps can get hair-raisingly scary at times. When disaster strikes, keep calm and visit Toyota of N Charlotte! We’ll get your vehicle working and back on the road in no time. Give us a call at (704) 659 – 2025 to schedule an appointment today!

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