Tips for Driving Your Manual Toyota Car Better

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It’s the most original form of transmission and is one that many older drivers remember fondly (and use as a sticking point of criticism for younger generations). Looking at you, boomer. Jokes aside, the manual transmission is the oldest and first practical form of transmission to be used in the automotive world. But, for quite some time, this transmission type has been on the sharp decline when it comes to usage. It’s difficult to use for many people and there’s a truly large margin of error when using it. Anything can go wrong and there are a lot of steps to remember.

Becoming the expert shifter for your Toyota car isn’t easy, but it’s also something you can learn/improve. Driving stick may seem archaic, but it forges a connection between human and machine that’s difficult to describe.

North Charlotte Toyota car tips.

That’s why it’s preferred by racers, automotive originalists/purists, and those looking for a little more engagement in their driving. If you’re looking to improve your manual transmission prowess or are just getting started, there are a few things you should know to make sure you preserve your manual Toyota car for as long as you can. Here are our tips from Toyota of North Charlotte!


These Should Stick When Driving Stick

Driving a North Charlotte manual Toyota car can be tricky. There are many steps to remember and a variety of things can go wrong at any time. Before you get scared, there are a few things to keep in mind that will have you driving like a pro in no time.

Always, Always, Use the Clutch First

Like we said, driving stick means that you, in effect, are what shifts your North Charlotte Toyota car. Your engine needs to shift as it climbs to specific revolutions per minute (RPMs) and that’s your job. When shifting, always make sure to push in the clutch first. You know, that awkward third pedal that your left foot is supposed to use? Yeah, that one. Push in the clutch first and then use your right hand to shift to the appropriate gear.

Doing this in the wrong order could lead to some pretty detrimental effects on your clutch, gear shaft, and more. Always do step 1 before step 2. Easy peasy.

Rock and Roll is Dead

Stopping is half of driving (sounds counterproductive, but it’s true). For those who get a little overconfident after they’ve riddled our first gear, coming to a stop becomes an art form and a way to show off. Intermittently engaging the North Charlotte clutch and “rocking” the car back and forth can give your Toyota car a quicker start from the light, but it can also damage your ride significantly.

In short, stop that rocking stuff. Come a stop and put your ride in neutral until the light turns green. It takes a little more time to get going, but it’s not like you have an upcoming audition for F9 so chill.

Toyota car tips from Toyota of North Charlotte.

Keep Things Casual Between Your Hand and the Shifter

For a lot of North Charlotte manual Toyota car drivers, your right hand and the shifter are mated for life. How romantic! Not! Keeping your hand on the shifter at all times definitely gives you the convenience of a lesser reach when shifting, but it’s not necessary and can damage your shifter over time. Word of advice, keep things chill and let your right hand do something else when you’re not having to shift. Love bites. Love bleeds.

Stay Away from Moneyshifting

What’s this new nonsensical jargon we just threw at you? You’re about to find out! Moneyshifting is a dangerous and deadly maneuver in which a driver accelerates to the peak RPM of a gear and, instead of shifting up, shifts down.

For a real world example, involving a North Charlotte GR Yaris no less, look no further than vlogger/driver Robert Mitchell. In a recorded driving of his Toyota car he reached an RPM of 6,500 in 2nd gear and shifted down to first instead of up to 3rd. As soon as it happens you can see the gauge yeet all the way past 10,000 RPMs and hear the GR Yaris engine squeal something blasphemous.

With a little damage control, his ride wound up being just fine. But, this North Charlotte Toyota car is one of the lucky ones. To quote Obi Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith, “don’t try it!”


Drive Better with Toyota of North Charlotte

Driving a manual car doesn’t have to be so complicated. Follow these tips and you’ll be in great shape. If you make a mistake, however, Toyota of North Charlotte is here to help! Visit the dealership at 13429 Statesville Road for top quality auto care today.

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