Toyota Engine Placement Pros and Cons

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The great experiment of the automobile has been played out many different ways throughout history. We’ve seen cars come and go, engineering trends fade in and fade out, and there’s always a new color of paint to accessorize with. One trend that auto makes have experimented with for as long as automobiles have been on the road is engine placement. Believe it or not but your engine can actually be placed in other places besides the front under the hood and each different placement brings a variety of pros and cons with it.

If you’re curious about how Toyota engine placement can affect your ride, Toyota of North Charlotte is here to explain things.

Charlotte Toyota engine MR2

Front, Mid, and Rear

Your vehicle’s engine is perhaps the most important part of it. Without it you’d find yourself pushing a chassis and 4 wheels. The placement of your engine can drastically change how your car feels, drives, and can affect the overall layout. These are the different places your Toyota engine can be placed in a N Charlotte car and the pros and cons to each:


Probably the one you’re most familiar with, front engines are placed in the front of the vehicle. Vehicles ranging from the Charlotte Toyota Corolla to the Supra use front placed engines that drivers can access with a hood.

This is the most common engine placement type and are equipped with FWD which places the engine above the driving wheels. This provides ample traction in normal driving situations and feels the easiest to control.

Front engine cars can also come with RWD, but you should exercise caution with this combo. Placing the engine in a spot other than above the driving wheels can create an imbalance and make you more prone to spin-outs.


Mid-engine vehicles are quite a rarity today and you can’t typically find them on typical commuter Charlotte cars. It was the featured design on the classic Toyota MR2 (R.I.P. a legend) but hasn’t been used by our favorite auto make since. This design places the Toyota engine toward the rear of the vehicle but forward of the rear wheels.

Drivers of a mid-engine vehicle reap the benefit of perfect balance that allows for easy cornering and even traction. Many sports cars come with this engine configuration for this reason.

While it does deliver perfect balance, that can also be a problem in the event of a spin-out. With weight concentrated in the middle there’s no telling how severe a spin-out can be. Plus, an engine in the middle of a Charlotte Toyota car means no room for more than 2 seats in most cases.


If mid-engines are rare then rears are almost unheard of. This type of Toyota engine has not been used many times and places the engine over the rear wheels. Most vehicles with this configuration use RWD.

With the engine and drivetrain in the rear of the Charlotte Toyota car, acceleration is much faster and traction higher.

However, while they may accelerate quickly, they’re highly prone to oversteering and are difficult to drive.

If you have questions about where the Toyota engine is in your future ride, we can help you at Toyota of N Charlotte! Give us a call seven days a week at (704) 875 9199.

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