What to do after a car accident: car insurance edition 

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Getting into a car accident is one of the worst possible things to happen during your commute to and from work. What can be worse sometimes is dealing with car insurance… especially if the person who hit you doesn’t have car insurance or doesn’t accept fault. Then, you have to deal with the headache of the waiting game. That’s why Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help you know exactly how to proceed when getting into a car accident. 

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#1 Get all of the information you need. 

Toyota of N Charlotte recommends having a police report if you get into a car accident. Sometimes the person at fault can be unresponsive, so it’s best to cover your basics just in case. You’ll want to make sure you have everyone’s name involved, contact information, vehicle information, and insurance information. You can whip out your phone and take a picture of all of the information to make it faster and to ensure no mistakes are made. 

#2 File a claim with insurance. 

After you have all of the necessary information, you’ll want to file a claim. If the car accident was your fault, then you’ll file with your insurance. However, if the car accident was the other person’s fault, then you’ll file with their insurance. Toyota of N Charlotte recommends having this done ASAP! 

Pick a good shop after a car accident 

#3 Choose a repair shop. 

Find a reputable repair shop! However, you’ll want to be sure that either insurance will work with the repair shop. Also, if you drive a Toyota, then you’ll want to be sure that they’ll use Toyota parts. If you have your car fixed with Toyota of N Charlotte, then we’ll use the best parts! 

#4 Ask about your deductible and rental car coverage. 

It’s good practice to stay prepared and know how much you’ll have to fork out if you have to pay for a deductible. Also, get your rental car set up so there’s no stress. Toyota of N Charlotte recommends setting up your rental car before you drop your car off to get fixed. 

#5 Have an estimate. 

Typically, your insurance company (or the other drivers) will come to take a look at your car and provide an estimate on how much the repairs will cost. However, you might be asked to take photos of certain parts of the car instead of having someone come out. Toyota of N Charlotte recommends being prepared for both. 

#6 Talk with the repair shop

Now you’re ready to get your Toyota car fixed finally! Toyota of N Charlotte suggests having your rental car available at the same time you drop off your damaged car. Be sure to ask them how long it’ll take to get your car fixed, too! 

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