Driving in High Winds Safety Tips

When driving in your N Charlotte Toyota, there are a lot of things you need to do to make sure you’re taking care of it. There’s maintenance, detailing, etc., but have you stopped to consider that there are things you should do to take care of yourself? Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times so the best things to do is be alert and take control of ANY situation.

This is when the topic of high winds come in. It’s not like the weatherman can choose when high winds approach us so the next best thing to do is know how to drive in that situation. Toyota of N Charlotte has your back with tips on what to do when it’s your turn to drive in these weather conditions. Check it out!

Toyota of N Charlotte’s Safety Tips on Driving in High Winds

Slow Down
It’s vital to decrease your speed during high winds. Not only will you have a hard time controlling your vehicle when going fast, you’ll also have less time to react if anything goes wrong.

Stay Alert
Obviously when you’re driving keeping your eyes open is a must, but you need to be even extra alert when driving in high winds. Stay on the lookout for anything on the side of the road that can blow onto your path.

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel
Keeping both hands on the wheel gives you more control of your N Charlotte Toyota when driving in high winds. Have them placed at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock or 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock. You’ll be able to react quickly to sudden gusts or even unexpected moves by other drivers around you.

Watch Out for Flying Debris
The damage strong wether conditions can cause is unpredictable. The gust can pull down tree branches, move around street signs, and have other debris fly onto the road and toward your car. It takes a while to get this all cleaned up so keep caution during and after the storm.

Avoid Flooded Areas
They’re not just bad for your N Charlotte Toyota’s health, but they can also be hosting hidden electrical currents if a power line fell nearby. Avoid driving through them and NEVER try to walk or swim through it.

Give Space to Bigger Vehicles
You can imagine that if you’re having a tough time controlling your car in high winds, then imagine someone driving a larger vehicle like a truck. Although truck drivers may be accustomed to taking control of their vehicle, it’s still best to give them space. They may be forced to veer a change lanes.

Make Gentle Steering Wheel Movements
If you feel side winds changing the direction of your car, gently steer your wheel in the opposite direction. Remain calm while doing this, the movement needs to be as smooth as possible to keep the equilibrium.

For more tips on how to react in different driving situations you can call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704)875-9199.