What Happens if Your Car Gets Struck by Lightning?

So your car was struck by lightning! But what to do now? Before you go into a deep panic, take a deep breath and relax. You might also be thinking what about all those times you were told to stay in your car when there’s a lightning storm? Supposedly your Charlotte Toyota car tires act as insulation from the lightning and protect your car. Right?

Unfortunately, that is a common myth that you’ve been told over the years. Any other metal object that’s outside can get struck by lightning. So what exactly are you supposed to do if your car gets struck by lightning? Toyota of N Charlotte is about to fill you in on the details!

car gets struck by lightning

How to Deal if Your Car Gets Struck by Lightning 

So, most cars are made primarily of metal, but some convertibles or cars are made out of fiberglass, which doesn’t fare against lightning the same way a metal car would. But what damage will your N Charlotte Toyota get if your car gets struck by lightning?

  • Engine Shut Down. 

When your car gets struck by lightning, your Charlotte Toyota engine might shut down completely. One way you can prevent this is by turning your car off, but this doesn’t mean it won’t prevent this completely.

  • Internal Fire and Damage. 

Also, if your car gets struck by lightning, it might cause an internal fire and more damage under the hood of your ride. This is possible because there are easily ignitable surfaces in every ride.

  • Damage to the Electrical System. 

Other damages that might happen if your N Charlotte Toyota gets stuck by lightning is the electrical system in your ride. The electrical system in your ride is super complex and this can actually total your ride if it’s really bad. If this happens, then our Charlotte Toyota Collision Center can check out your ride and your insurance provider can access the damages. And, if you need a new ride, then our sales specialists are here to help you during this difficult process.

  • Airbags Deploying. 

Also, if your car gets struck by lightning, then there’s a chance that your N Charlotte Toyota airbags might deploy. If this happens while you’re in your Toyota, then stay in a stable position laying back in your seat, and don’t touch anything electrical or metal objects. And, as we all know, this is typically a total loss for your ride.

  • External Damage. 

Your car can sustain external damage on your ride if your car gets struck by lightning. The lightning can cause scorch marks and arching or pitting of the metal. The lighting could also cause debris to fly into your car as well!

Toyota of N Charlotte Is Here For You! 

If your car gets struck by lightning, then just know our dealership is here for you! Whether you need some auto repairs on your ride or need to shop for a certified pre owned ride with our sales specialists, we’re here for you! Stop by 13429 Statesville Road at exit 23 of I-77 in Huntersville.