A Deep Dive into the Indestructible Toyota Truck

July 22nd, 2020 by

Not everyone in the world is a huge fan of Toyota (we don’t know what’s wrong with them), but everyone can’t deny the quality and integrity of Toyota’s vehicles. Almost everyone has a story about a Toyota vehicle that was driven well past the odometer’s breaking point and kept going or has seen a video of a Land Cruiser that was completely submerged in a body of water and came out the other side unscathed.

If there’s a crazy car story, there’s usually a Toyota involved. Probably the most famous story that a Toyota has ever been involved in is the famous series of Top Gear episodes in which they attempted to “kill” a Toyota Truck and couldn’t! At Toyota of North Charlotte we’re big fans of this story and are going to share a look back at it with you.

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The Story of the Indestructible Toyota Hilux

The story of the world’s indestructible Toyota Truck starts with the fan favorite Toyota Hilux. The crew behind Top Gear, remember Jeremy Clarkson, purchased a red Toyota Hilux from a farm. The goal of this series of episodes was to put Toyota’s claim that the North Charlotte Toyota Hilux was “indestructible.” The Toyota truck would be officially “killed” if the team out the truck through a destructive event and couldn’t get it to run or drive again. The team could make small repairs with minimal tools but couldn’t add or replace auto parts.

Over the course of several episodes, the North Charlotte Toyota truck was thrown down a flight of stairs, driven directly into a tree, and drowned in the salty waters of the Bristol Channel. The Toyota Hilux was able to walk away from the first two (physical damages withstanding) and it was thought that a submersion would surely “kill” this Charlotte Toyota truck. However, once the silt was removed it started and was still able to be driven.

After those failed attempts, the Toyota Hilux was then dropped from a crane, taken on a joy ride through a demolishing production office, and hitting it with a wrecking ball. While it wasn’t the prettiest looking Toyota truck out there, it still ran and was able to be driven. The final attempt to “kill” the Charlotte Toyota car was to use fire, courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson. Still, the Hilux started and ran with only small repairs and no spare parts.

Toyota Trucks are Tough

Toyota’s claim that the Hilux was indestructible wasn’t erroneous or misleading in any sense of the word. If the punishment that the Toyota truck endured at the hands of the Top Gear crew proved anything, it’s that a Toyota can take a lot of punishment and still carry on.

The Charlotte Toyota Hilux has now become legend as one of the toughest Toyota trucks out there.

While the famous Hilux is no longer available in North America, it’s cousins the Tacoma and Tundra are available and ready for whatever you throw at them. Check them out and more Toyota trucks at Toyota of North Charlotte  today! Shop our inventory online anytime or visit the dealership at 13429 Statesville Road.

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