A Look at Different Toyota Engine Types

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We all know that a car’s cool factor and comfort level mean nothing if there isn’t sound engineering to back it all up. It’s true, we owe a lot to our engines. They propel your North Charlotte Toyota ride forward, haul and tow things for us, and occasionally make great sound when you hit the gas. You’re likely familiar with several of the Toyota engine types available in your favorite vehicles like the Toyota Corolla, Camry, RAV4, and so on. However, there are a few other speciality engines that you don’t often find in the high volume vehicles we sell here at Toyota of North Charlotte. These engines are designed to provide sportscar experience and are only available in select vehicles (or even not at all currently). Today we’re giving you a look at the exotic inline-six and mid-body Toyota engine types!


What’s an Inline-Six Engine?

N Charlotte Toyota engine types

If you haven’t been paying attention to all the news surrounding the Toyota Supra, then you probably aren’t aware that this revitalized Toyota engine is equipped with an inline-six engine. The Toyota Supra is the most notable inline-six N Charlotte Toyota vehicle and has historically included this engine type under the hood. Here what makes the inline-six Toyota engine type so unique and famous:

  • Compared to the adjacent cylinder set-up of V configured engines, the inline-six engine (and other inline engines) put cylinders in a straight line configuration. This helps create a more balanced power distribution.
  • Inline-six Toyota engine types are more fuel-efficiency due to less horizontal motion created while driving.
  • These N Charlotte Toyota engines are longer in design and require a large amount of engine compartment room to accommodate them.
  • Inline-six engines are also able to achieve higher speeds with lower RPMs due to their geometric design and longer strokes.

All in all, the inline-six engine is an impressive and unique engine that you likely won’t find in the N Charlotte Toyota lineup, aside from the new 2020 Toyota Supra. There’s another unique N Charlotte Toyota engine type that you’ve likely heard of, but rarely see. The mid-engine.


What’s a Mid-Engine?

Many drivers are used to popping the hood and finding the engine and all its parts right under the hood at the front of their N Charlotte Toyota vehicle. Now, imagine the engine being placed toward the back of the vehicle, particularly behind the driver and passenger seats. Pretty weird, right? This is the design of the mid-engine. Vehicle with these are uniquely designed and provide a driving experience you can’t find in most other vehicles. Here are the characteristics that make mid-engine vehicles special:

  • Mid-engine Toyota engine types place the bulk of the engineering toward the rear of the vehicle rather than the front. This places most of the car’s weight on the rear wheels and keeps vehicles like these from spinning out or losing traction.
  • Vehicles with a mid-engine design are usually equipped with rear-wheel drive that provides forward motion from the rear wheels.
  • Typically mid-engine cars are two-seater vehicles due to the lack of rear cargo space.
  • The front end is typically shorter and provide a better view over the front wheels for drivers.

Unfortunately there haven’t been many recent renditions of the N Charlotte Toyota mid-engine design in the recent vehicle lineup. The most recent was the Toyota MR2 which was last produced in 2007. While this vehicle may not be on the production line currently, there are rumors of an all-electric model that will be released sometime in the near future.

If you have any questions about what’s under the hood of your ride or about the new Toyota Supra, feel free to visit Toyota of North Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road seven days a week!

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