Additional Tips for Driving at Night

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Do you find yourself driving at night pretty often—especially with days ending so early? We know we’ve shared night time driving tips plenty of times before, but here at Toyota of N Charlotte, we have a couple of more tips up our sleeves. Take a look at these additional driving at night tips from our experts.

Toyota of N Charlotte’s Night Time Driving Tips

tips for driving at night by Toyota of N Charlotte

Tip #1: Clean your windshield with a piece of newspaper

That junk mail you usually throw out will finally come in handy! Use it to wipe your windshield and mirrors to remove any streaks. Smears don’t really affect you when you’re driving during the day, but at night, they do reflect light and cause a glare. If you don’t get newspapers anymore because you live in the 21st century, a microfiber cloth is just as good.

Tip #2: Make sure your headlights are aimed correctly

There are times that your N Charlotte Toyota’s headlights can get misaligned and point unevenly. You can check this by parking your car facing a wall and looking at how the beams point. If they’re not even, then adjust the bulbs until they are.

Tip #3: Dim your instrument panel and dash lights

Lights that are too bright—especially when right in front of you—can be distracting and affect your view of the road when you’re driving at night.

Tip #4: Look for eyes

You must be thinking we’re crazy but yes, we literally mean eyes. Light from your N Charlotte Toyota’s headlights will reflect on the retinas of animal on the road. Therefore, if you spot tiny spots of green-ish lights ahead, you know there’s an animal up ahead so you need to slow down or stop accordingly.

Tip #5:  Don’t look at oncoming lights

If a car on the opposite side of traffic is passing by (while you’re driving at night) and they have their high beams on, avoid losing at them. This can momentarily blind you as you’re passing by.

Tip #6: Use your rear view mirror correctly

Bet you didn’t know there was a “correct” way to use them right? You can put it to use when someone is driving behind you and they have their rights on. Avoid being blinded whenever you look into the mirror of your N Charlotte Toyota by using the tab on the bottom of the mirror. Just flip it, and then your mirror will adjust so that you can see clearly again.

Tip #7: Be careful when wearing seeing glasses

Driving at night while using your glasses can be a little hard because the light reflects off the glass and distorts your vision. To solve this issue you can either consider putting night time lenses over your frames or have an anti-reflective coating on them.

Become an Expert Nighttime Driver with Toyota of N Charlotte’s Help

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