An Overview on Replacing Car Brakes

October 2nd, 2019 by

Sitting behind the wheel of your sporty new Toyota, you probably only focus on the go part of driving. It makes sense, a large part of your time driving involves using the gas pedal to carry yourself forward. But you can’t forget the essential other half, stopping. The brake system of your car is perhaps the most common, important, and used safety feature of every car on the road. Having the ability to bring your vehicle to a stop means you can avoid accidents and collisions. Could you imagine if you didn’t have brakes?

As important and durable as these parts are, they need to be replaced just like your wiper blades or your oil, but your car brakes are unique in that they can be replaced in pairs rather than having to replace them all at once. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, Toyota of North Charlotte is here to educate you!

N Charlotte car brake service.

Why Do We Replace Car Brakes in Pairs?

Have you ever visited our N Charlotte auto service department for a brake replacement and wondered why your service advisor only prescribes replacing the front or rear sets only? The reason why most auto service experts recommend replacing your car brakes in pairs rather than as a whole set is because your N Charlotte Toyota front brakes do most of the work when stopping your vehicle. But what about your rear brakes? Why do the front brakes perform most of the work to stop your vehicle? The answer lies in the way your vehicle transfers weight while stopping. Here’s a simple explanation as to how this physics phenomenon works:

  • If you’ve ever felt like you moved forward while applying the car brakes then you’ve felt the changing weight distribution. Isn’t physics cool? Your N Charlotte Toyota brake system is designed this way to increase friction in the front wheels by applying additional weight and force. The result is a quicker and more efficient stop.
  • Many N Charlotte Toyota cars on the road today have their engines in the front of the car. Consequently, the majority of the weight in your vehicle is in the front and your front car brakes need to create more friction to bear the weight and bring the vehicle to a stop.
  • When pressing the brake pedal in your N Charlotte Toyota car, your brakes receive the appropriate fluid from the master brake cylinder and most of that is diverted to the front brakes. This is because if it were diverted to the rear car brakes they would lock up before the front brakes and result in unsafe vehicular motion.

Essentially, your N Charlotte Toyota car brakes work hard to bring your vehicle to a stop, but your front brakes often work significantly harder than your rear brakes to bring your ride to a full and complete stop. If you have any questions about how your brake system works or if you need to schedule a brake service, give Toyota of North Charlotte a call at (704) 659 – 2025 today!

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