Car Care for Ants in Your Vehicle

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At Toyota of N Charlotte, we know it can be scary to see a crawly critter making its home in your car. Even worse, end up on your arm while you’re driving to work. Ants aren’t too picky when choosing a place for their new nest, as long as it’s warm, has water, and has a constant food supply (the crumbs from your chips). It’s important to follow these Charlotte Toyota car care steps to get rid of these critters because they can cause damage to your engine and the cables in your dashboard.

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Car Care Steps if You’ve Got Ants 

Step #1 Change Parking Spots. 

The first Charlotte Toyota car care step to take is to park somewhere else. If you park near a tree for long periods of time, then this could be the culprit. You’ll want to change your parking spot so that you confuse the ants. Hopefully, this car care step will clear up your problem!

Step #2 Remove all of the Trash and Crumbs in Your Car. 

Another Charlotte Toyota car care step to take is to remove all of the trash and crumbs from your car (including that lost fry that fell between your seat). Not only will your car look better, but it will be cleaner as well. You should try to clean your car once a week so it doesn’t get out of hand again.

Step #3 Vacuum! 

Once all of the trash is removed from your car, then you should whip out the vacuum! You can either go through a car wash and use the free vacuum cleaners or use your own mini vacuum for your car. If you’re looking to get a deeper clean, then you should take your car into a place to get your car detailed. Your car will look brand new after this!

Step #4 Treat your Tires. 

Another Charlotte Toyota car care step is to check your tires out. Ants will crawl up your tires to get into your car. Go ahead and drive to your local store and purchase some pesticide and chalk. You can treat your tires with the pesticide, but just be sure not to spray the brake pads and discs. You can also use the chalk to draw lines around your tires to stop all of the critters from entering your ride.

Step #5 Use Ant Traps. 

One of the last Charlotte Toyota car care steps for ants is to lay out ant traps in your car. Once all of the food is thrown away and all of the crumbs are vacuumed up, it’s time to release the traps. Placing ant traps in your car will bait the ants to eat the poison and then spread that to the rest of the ant colony. This should do the trick!

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