Car Care Habits That Can Damage Your Car

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Your car is perhaps one of your most valuable tools to navigate through life. Its utility can range from grocery holder to storage closet for your on the go outfits. Truly, your car is more valuable than you will ever know and we like to think we’re the best at taking care of our trusty metal sidekicks, but we’re often our car’s worst enemy. At Toyota of North Charlotte, we’re checking our bad car care habits at the door and helping you do the same to preserve your ride’s health for as long as possible. Check out our guide right here!

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Bad Car Care Habits That Can Damage Your Ride

1) Not Using the Parking Brake

Most people don’t use their parking brake and often wonder why it’s even there. While you may think it’s meant for drifting (it’s not, but sounds fun), it can actually improve the health of your brakes by better distributing the weight of your vehicle when in park. Your e-brake can help alleviate some of the weight that typically falls on your vehicle’s parking pawl. Next time you park your vehicle, give your e-brake a good yank and protect your N Charlotte Toyota car.

2) Being a Minimalist When it Comes to Your Gas Tank

If you’re someone who believes that keeping your gas tank low on fuel helps your car due to less weight or you only fill your tank up by $5 at a time to save money, you are mistaken! Keeping more gas in your fuel tank can better preserve your fuel pump by keeping it submerged in gasoline and running cooler. Plus it is actually not cheaper to fill your tank with as little gas as possible. Your car might be carrying less weight but between the time and gas you spend traveling to the gas station so often hardly if any money is saved in the long run.

3) Quickly Shifting from Reverse to Drive

We’re all guilty of this bad car care habit. When navigating through a parking lot or trying to get your parking job just right it’s easy to switch back and forth between drive and reverse until you get it right. Switching quickly between these two driving gears can cause your transmission to be damaged over time.

4) Putting the Pedal to the Floor

For many drivers out there, going fast is what makes getting behind the wheel fun. While you might be tempted to push the pedal of your new Toyota RAV4 Prime or Supra to the floor, this car care habit can be pretty damaging to your ride in the long term. Sudden and hard acceleration can run excessive amounts of fuel and puts unnecessary pressure on the drivetrain. Plus, when you need to slow down, you’ll likely put a harsh amount of pressure on the brake pads and rotors and need to replace them sooner than normal.

5) Refusing to Empty Your Trunk Out

If your ride is carrying excessive weight other than you and passengers on occasion, you may be causing damage with each drive you take. The additional stress on the engine and wheels can cause fuel to burn up faster to compensate and move the extra cargo weight. Plus, it can have a negative affect on your brakes and suspension system as your vehicle must exercise more to bring your vehicle to a stop.

Are you experiencing issues related to these bad car care habits and more? You’re in luck! Toyota of North Charlotte and our car care experts are here to help! Visit the dealership today at 13429 Statesville Road for help with all your auto service needs.


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