Car Care Tips to Protect Your Car From Pets

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If you own a cute, little four-legged friend, then you’re bound to take your fur baby in your car with you. According to the American Automobile Association, over 80% of fur baby owners drive with their pets in the car. And, there’s over 43 million households in the United States, so you can clearly see that many people fall into this boat. 

However, keeping your dog in the backseat can do a number on your car’s interior, especially if you have Softex or leather on your ride. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to give is here with car care tips to protect your car’s interior from your pets and maintain the value of your ride. 

Charlotte Toyota cargo seat

Car Care Tips With Pets in your Backseat

Tip #1 Backseat Hammock or Seat Covers.

One of the easiest Charlotte Toyota car care tips is to purchase a backseat hammock or seat covers for your car. This little piece of fabric hooks to the driver and front passenger seat and the backseat to create a little hammock for your dog. This will protect your dog from crawling into the front seat, while protecting your car’s interior, too! All you have to do is brush the fur off when you’re done and you’re ready to go!

Tip #2 Door Protectors.

Another Charlotte Toyota car care tip is to purchase a door protector. Believe it or not, your car seats aren’t the only thing you need to protect. When your dog gets excited and wants some fresh air, your dog’s claws will likely scratch the door. But, door protectors can prevent this from happening! 

Tip #3 Cover for the Cargo Area of your N Charlotte Toyota.

Another Charlotte Toyota car care tip is to purchase a cargo cover to protect the back of your car, too! The sides of your car can get scratched and damaged from your dog’s claws. 

Tip #4 Booster Seat.

Another Charlotte Toyota car care tip is to purchase a booster seat that will let you harness your dog in with a seatbelt. This is a super easy way to transport your dog, and if you get into a car accident, then your fur baby won’t be ejected from the car. And, the booster seat will protect your seat, too! 

Tip #5 Nail Maintenance. 

Toyota of N Charlotte also recommends to trim your dog’s nails regularly. The longer their nails are, then the more likely your car interior will get damaged and little scratches. If you feel uncomfortable grooming their nails, then you can always stop by the vet and have them do it for you. 

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