Car Tire Treadwear Patterns Translated

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Just like your shoes are the only thing keeping your bare feet off the ground, your car tires provide the same type of protection for your ride. Your tires are the only contact point your vehicle should have with the ground and you need to make sure they’re well taken care of. However, people most often don’t pay much attention to the health and well-being of their tires until it’s too late. If you’re starting to notice that your tires are wearing funny, our auto service experts here at Toyota of North Charlotte are here to explain!

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Here’s What These Car Tire Treadwear Patterns Mean

Center Wear

Your Charlotte car tires typically have a normal and uniform treadwear pattern if driven on normally. But, if you’re noticing that your tires’ tread patter is resigned to the middle it could be an indication that your tires are over-inflated. Your tires have a specific PSI limit and recommended range listed on the sidewall. If your PSI reading charts at or above the maximum limit this can cause bulging and excessive treadwear in the center of the tires’ tread.

Side Wear

Just like center wear indicated over-inflation, excessive wear on the sides indicates the opposite. Under-inflated tires will wear out excessively on the sides because of poor balance. If you know that your tires are properly inflated this could be caused by other issues like a bad steering arm or faulty alignment.

Cupping Wear

While you might not see this type of treadwear often it’s easy to spot. Cupping wear looks like cup-shaped divets in the tread and it’s often on trailer tires. This type of wear is caused by excessive bouncing that happens while you’re driving. If you start seeing this type of wear on your tires it could mean that your shock absorbers are worn or you’re having suspension issues.


This type of Charlotte car tire treadwear is difficult to spot visually but you can feel it by running your hand down the length of your tire’s tread. Feathering wear feels like sharp wear on one side versus the other and can be caused by poor wheel alignment or aggressive driving.

Sidewall Wear

Odd treadwear on your Charlotte car tires’ sidewall is unique in that it doesn’t come from driving per say but more from your parking abilities. Scraping a curb while trying to parallel park or brushing against a structure while parking will damage your tires’ sidewall if done frequently (it can also leave your wheels looking unsightly). Damage like this can be detrimental to your tires’ overall integrity.

Flat Spot Wear

Flat spots in the middle of your car tires is pretty obvious to spot and feel while you’re driving. A large flat spot in your tread is not only detrimental to your driving but it could be an indication that you need to change your driving habits to be less harsh and aggressive. If you’re not someone who brakes aggressively then this could mean you’re having issues with your brake system.

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