Different Shades of an Oil Change

February 9th, 2022 by

Getting an oil change is a must if you own a car and probably the most common service you’ll get on your Toyota. But, did you also know that the color of the oil in your car says a lot about the well-being of your engine and any potential problems that might arise. After all, the whole point of a Charlotte Toyota oil change is to lubricate the moving parts of your car. Let’s get into it!

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Five Colors of an Oil Change

Amber Color.

New oil should have an amber color to it. Also, it should be clear when you pull out the dipstick, too. So, don’t be alarmed by this color!

Milky or Cream-Colored Oil.

Now, if your oil has a milky or cream-colored consistency to it, then this could be a big indicator of a head gasket leak. Another tell-tale sign of a bad head gasket leak is to see if your exhaust is blowing white smoke and if your Toyota is losing car coolant. And, this is one Charlotte Toyota auto repair that will cost you some big bucks!

Frothy and Cream-Colored Oil. 

When you go to get an oil change and the auto service technician tells you that your oil is frothy and cream-colored, then you might have water contamination. If there’s not any white smoke from your exhaust and your Charlotte Toyota car coolant levels are okay, then you’ve got water contamination.

Dark Oil. 

Now, imagine you’re getting an oil change and you’re told your car oil has a dark color to it. This could also mean multiple things just like cream-colored oil. It could be darker just because of the additives in the oil, or it could just mean that your oil has been cycled through your engine too many times. And, if this is the case, then you need a Charlotte Toyota oil change stat!

However, if your Charlotte Toyota car oil is dark and thick, then this is an indicator that you’ve got dirt or contaminants in your oil, especially if you go off-roading on the reg. It could also mean that your oil is exposed to high heat. Typically, you’ll smell a burning smell when you smell the dipstick.

Dark Brown of Black. 

If your oil is dark brown, then that means that you haven’t gotten a Charlotte Toyota oil change in quite some time. However, if the color is black, then this is for the auto service technicians at Toyota of N Charlotte to check out.

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