Essential Tips for Warming Up Your Car

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Fall is in full swing and before you know it, winter will come knocking with its much beloved cold temperatures. We know you love nothing more than walking out to your car in the cold morning, sitting in your cold car, and turning on the engine and having to wait till you drive a few miles before the heat really kicks on. Yes, the experience of driving in a cold car is truly magical, but we have a feeling that when temperatures go south you might want to turn up the heat to get a bit more comfortable during your commute. A great way to beat the cold and get a warmer experience during your commute is by warming up your car before you leave the house. Toyota of North Charlotte is here with a guide on best practices for warming up your car, check it out!

Warming up your car tips from Toyota of N Charlotte

Best Practices for Warming Up Your Car

When it comes to keeping things toasty in your ride the process seems pretty straightforward. Go out to your car, turn it on, let it sit, and drive away snuggly. But, there’s some contention in the automotive industry as to whether this is necessary or not. For some drivers, warming up your car prior to driving is essential as it helps fluids and fuel stay warm and prevent them from freezing or slushing when the temperature falls. In reality, most modern cars can go without taking this step. Engines and fluids are designed to be pretty resistant to low temperatures and your interior can heat up rather quickly after you start driving. But, if you drive an older N Charlotte Toyota vehicle, this step is likely very necessary. Engines with older designs and engineering are prone to freezing and slushing and its a must for drivers of classic Toyotas to start their engines prior to leaving their driveway.

If you drive a classic N Charlotte Toyota or just want your seats warm before you leave, here are a few tips to help make the process as efficient and as safe as possible:

1) Only Run Your Ride for a Few Minutes

Like we said, modern vehicles are fairly resistant to cold temperatures and warming up your car is made much easier. It also doesn’t require much time to get the cabin to an ideal temperature. To stay warm, our N Charlotte auto service experts suggest running the engine idly for only a few minutes prior to leaving home. This will also keep your ride from unnecessarily exhausting gas.

2) DON’T Warm Up Your Car in the Garage

You may be tempted to leave your ride in the comfort of the garage while you warm it up. Whatever you do, DON’T DO THIS! Carbon monoxide can accumulate in your home. Its odorless, tasteless, and is fatal when inhaled in large quantities. Open your garage or start warming up your car outside.

3) Have Some Way to Get Back into Your Ride

Many modern N Charlotte Toyota vehicles are equipped with anti-theft devices, like auto-locking. This locks your doors after a certain amount of time has passed. While you’re warming up your car, make sure to not get locked out of your ride by using a spare key or only heating up your car for a few minutes.

Need more tips on warming up your car? Ask our auto service experts at Toyota of North Charlotte today!

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