Toyota of N Charlotte’s Guide to Avoiding Engine Damage

February 22nd, 2019 by

It goes without saying, the engine under the hood of your N Charlotte Toyota vehicle is important. Without it, you’d turn the keys in your ignition and kaput. Between oil changes and inspections, our auto service experts at Toyota of N Charlotte keep your engine in pretty good health. But that doesn’t mean engine damage can’t creep up on you and put your vehicle out of commission. Before the engine damage affects your vehicle in a big way, make sure to check out this guide from our auto service experts.

N Charlotte Toyota engine damage repair.

Signs of Engine Damage You Should Look For

Catching an auto service issue early on is the key to saving money and stress when it comes to your vehicle. This can make all the difference regarding your vehicle’s health. While it’s not always as simple as your check engine light coming on, there are some signs that can tell you what’s happening to your engine. Here are a few things to look for:

Check Engine Light Comes On

Your N Charlotte Toyota vehicle is equipped with a built-in warning system to keep you informed about possible engine damage. You may not experience obvious signs or shaking when your check engine light comes on, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. You could be experiencing engine damage like an ignition issue, a fuel-injection problem, or an emissions issue.

Dark Smoke or Steam

You know what they say, if there’s smoke there’s fire. While smoke coming from your engine doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a fire, but it definitely means you have engine damage. Our N Charlotte Toyota auto service experts recommend having this issue inspected as it could be oil leaking into the combustion chamber and causing oil and gasoline to be burning simultaneously.

Strange Car Sounds

Your N Charlotte Toyota vehicle’s engine will often make strange noises if you have engine damage. Rumbling, rattling, squealing, and other strange sounds can be an indication of damage. After turning your keys in the ignition, make sure to turn down your tunes and listen closely to the sounds your vehicle is making as you drive. Depending on the type of sound your vehicle makes, one of our auto service experts can help you pinpoint it.

Emissions in the Interior

Your vehicle will often emit certain smells throughout your commute as it’s burning gasoline and oil, but there are certain smells that can indicate engine damage. Some of the smells and fumes can enter the interior of the vehicle. Specific smells that can spell trouble for your N Charlotte Toyota car are sweet syrup, hot oil, gasoline, burning carpet, and burnt rubber.

Your auto service needs met at Toyota of N Charlotte

At Toyota of N Charlotte, our auto service team is ready to help you and your car. Engine damage can really put a damper on your ride, but our affordable auto service can give you peace of mind and keep you on the road. Come visit us at 3575 Vineland Road, seven days a week!

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