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The holidays are upon us! November has arrived and with it comes a slew of celebrations, some of which will happen out of town. If you’re planning on hitting the road this holiday season, you’re bound to encounter traffic, bad weather, and accidents and collisions (aka stress when you should be enjoying the season). Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips to help you hit the road safely and with as little stress as possible this holiday season!

N Charlotte Toyota tips

Prep your N Charlotte Toyota for the holiday season

Tip #1: Make sure you plan your route. 

Before you head out and hit the highway, plan your route. It’ll save time, money, and your sanity to know where you’re going and be able to plan accordingly – for example, will you need cash for tolls? Also plan a backup route in case the way you had planned experiences delays due to traffic, accidents, or undesirable weather.

Tip #2: Check the weather and traffic on your route BEFORE you leave. 

You should also take a moment to check traffic and weather before you leave the house. If your normal route is delayed by traffic or a collision, you’ll have to find another way and doing so before you’re stuck in the thick of it can save a lot of time. If you’re going to hit bad weather, you’ll be able to prepare yourself and your N Charlotte Toyota accordingly before you leave or delay your trip until things clear up.

Tip #3: Pack your car with care. 

Think before you pack. You’ll want necessities like snacks, drinks, charging cords, medicines, and anything else you’ll need to access within arm’s reach. Stack heavier items on the bottom of your trunk or cargo area, and be sure that you can see clearly out of the back of your N Charlotte Toyota when using your rearview mirror.

Tip #4: Find ways to pass the time. 

Road trips can be tedious whether you’re driving or riding. Find ways to pass the time! If you’re in the driver’s seat buy a new audiobook, subscribe to a new podcast, or make a long playlist. If you’re a passenger, stock up on reading material, road trip games, and movies to occupy yourself (and remember, some of our N Charlotte Toyotas even come with DVD or Blu-Ray entertainment systems).

Tip #5: Pull over if you get tired. 

Never drive when you’re tired – it’s as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Instead, plan to make a stop halfway through the trip and rest up in a hotel. If nothing else, find a safe place to park (not on the side of the road) to nap until you feel more alert. Don’t try to push through with energy drinks and willpower!

Is your ride ready for the open road?

Want more tips? Need to get your N Charlotte Toyota prepped and ready for holiday travels? Call us today! Toyota of N Charlotte’s service center is open seven days a week for your convenience at (704) 659-2025.

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