How to Deal With Spring Time Pollen

March 22nd, 2021 by

Spring has sprung, and although it’s not official on the calendar yet, it is on your N Charlotte Toyota it being pollen season! Hip hip hooray for the real most wonderful time of the year (arguably), but boooo for the seasonal allergies and pollen season buildup on your car—especially if you park in an area blessed with trees.

If you’re trying to keep the yellow iridescence on your car, we don’t recommend it at Toyota of N Charlotte. Pollen season may be harmless to flowers, but it does take a toll on your car’s paint with time. It can actually oxidize the paint and leave stains that not even the Hulk can fight. You’re left having to redo the paint to get your N Charlotte Toyota to look like new again, but who has time for that when it’s completely avoidable?! Just deal with it as soon as you can with the help of these tips from our N Charlotte Toyota service specialists.

Toyota of N Charlotte gives tips on how to deal with pollen season.

How To Deal With Pollen Season

Tip #1: Prepare your N Charlotte Toyota for pollen season ahead of time

It’s imperative to perp your ride ahead before the pollen takes over town, that way the damage is not as bad when it finally arrives. Do this by sticking to a car detailing schedule. Remember to wash your car regularly and to apply a coat of wax on a routine basis.

Tip #2: Remove pollen as often as possible

When you’re at the pinnacle of pollen season, you have to start washing your car more often than usual so that it doesn’t affect the paint. If you decide to take on this task as a DIY, then remember to use the designated products! A household item like dish soap will be harmful for your N Charlotte Toyota’s paint. Instead, shop for car detailing supplies at our auto parts store.

Tip #3: Be smart when choosing a parking spot

You’ll want to take your parking space into consideration during this season. Park as far away from trees as possible, and park inside a garage if you can. You’ll definitely be doing your car AND yourself a favor!

Tip #4: Don’t forget about protecting the interior and under the hood

Although it’s not exposed like how the exterior is, pollen can still sneak up on the inside of your car. We recommend you regularly dust, wipe, and vacuum out the cabin of your car. Furthermore, with taking care of under the hood, you should routinely take a look at your engine air filter and cabin air filter because they may be dirtier than usual. 

Schedule Car Care and Detailing at Toyota of N Charlotte

Once you follow all of the above, you should have an easier time dealing with pollen season. If you need help keeping your ride in top shape, then bring in your car to Toyota of N Charlotte and we’ll get you situated. We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville. Hope to see you here soon!

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