Thanksgiving Safe Travel Tips

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The time of year most beloved by foodies and people who enjoy spending quality family time has arrived. In just T minus 2 days, it will be Thanksgiving Day! If you’re one of those that doesn’t feel like fussing over the holiday—and chose to travel for the holidays, then you may want to read closely. Toyota of N Charlotte has a couple of safe travel tips for you for the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s no need to feel ashamed for not having it planned in advance. This is what we’re here for, check it out!

Check out these safe travel tips from Toyota of N Charlotte!

Toyota of N Charlotte’s Thanksgiving Safe Travel Tips

Plan Your Route in Advance if You’re Going to Drive

You know the traffic in the Charlotte area is going to be insane with everyone trying to get to their destinations. Make your travel time easier by planning your route ahead of time. Use your GPS as well as other apps that help navigate you through the quickest and best routes possible. Also, make sure you pay attention to the news prior for any updates on traffic or accidents.

Check Into Your Flight Early—If You’re Flying

Of course flying is the easy, breezy way of traveling during the holidays—no traffic in the skies! Anyhow, as part of our N Charlotte Toyota safe travel tips, we definitely recommend checking into your flight as early as possible. It’ll guarantee yourself as well as your party their seats. You really want to avoid having to miss a flight you already paid for because the airline sold your seat. Also, checking in large bags prior arriving the airport will also contribute to a smoother boarding experience.

Consider Traveling on Thanksgiving Day

The days leading up to Thanksgiving are the craziest because people are trying to make it before then. Even though it may not be your ideal travel day, you will enjoy a less crowded airport and/or road. Keep in mind that this will work if you’re not partaking in the culinary art of preparing the meal. You’ll be able to take advantage of the smaller crowds AND make it in time to carve the turkey… thus another safe travel tip.

Get Your Luggage in Order

When you comes to packing for a road trip or for a flight, the rules are the same. Just pack the necessary outfits that’ll get you through the holiday. This means having warm clothes, your Thanksgiving dinner outfit, etc. Safe travel tips means to not overpack either! Travel lightly, you’ll be able to avoid having to check in too many bags.

Fly Home on Black Friday

As you know, Black Friday is the best time to shop great deals on gifts (it’s also a great time to find deals on our N Charlotte Toyotas)! But for our safe travel tips, we actually recommend to travel back home on Black Friday. This way you’ll be able to avoid large crowds—since everyone will be shopping. With all the technology in this day and age, you won’t miss the awesome deals; there’s always Cyber Monday!

For any further questions on safe travel tips for this Thanksgiving Holiday just call us here at Toyota of N Charlotte at (704) 875-9199.

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