The Woven City… Coming Soon

November 10th, 2020 by

Take a dive into the future with this new Toyota news. As you know, Toyota is renowned for its innovation and they never fail to surprise us with each new invention. Everyday is a new day and it doesn’t just have to do with cars; Toyota has gotten into robotics, developed alternative fuel types, etc. The latest news we have to share here at Toyota of N Charlotte is that the brand is seeking a new breakthrough on a new “prototype city of the future”. Deemed the Woven City, it’ll be used as a living laboratory where future technology is tried and tested.

Toyota has recently closed a manufacturing plant in Japan to dedicate a space for the Woven City. It’s set to be constructed at the base of Mt. Fuji. If you seeking more information about this futuristic city, Toyota of N Charlotte has got you covered with the facts. Check it out!

Toyota of N Charlotte shares Toyota news on the Woven City!

Dive into the Futuristic City

Back in January, Toyota news updates had officially announced that Toyota will take on the construction of the Woven City for the purpose of housing individuals involved with technological development. New futuristic projects include robotics, smart homes, AI, mobility, and more!

City Design

According to the reported Toyota news, the city’s design will project the progress and evolution based on the residents that live there. Check out a couple of facts Toyota of N Charlotte was able to collect:

  • The Woven City will have a roadway system designed for specific N Charlotte vehicles and their travel speeds. For instance, there will be one street for vehicles traveling at a faster speed, one for lower speeds, and one for small commuter vehicles and pedestrians.
  • N Charlotte Toyota news reveals that the buildings will be constructed predominantly with wood using robotic production. By doing so, it will reduce the carbon footprint during and post construction. This doesn’t surprise us because of the fact that Toyota has made “going green” a priority within the company for decades already!
  • The rooftops will use solar power generating panels, the hydrogen fuel cells will provide overall power, and the existing vegetation and hydroponics will be built into the structure of the city.
  • There will be a main central plaza, several parks, and social locations

Toyota news also mentions that Toyota is planning on incorporating human support robotics technologies spread out throughout the city. Everyday tasks can be completed by an in-home robotic assistant. Toyota e-Palettes will move people autonomously throughout the city with NO emissions. Only N Charlotte vehicles with no emissions will be allowed to be on the roadways.

If this Toyota news holds to be true, the the Woven City will promise to shape future Toyota technology like nothing before. Although it’ll be a while till this city is complete for you to experience it for yourself, you can still experience Toyota technology on a more local scale… Right here at Toyota of N Charlotte! Stop by and check out our inventory today at 13429 Statesville Rd just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville.

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