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Toyota. The infamously reliable and top quality automotive manufacturer that we’re huge fans of. Everything from the Camry to the Land Cruiser is built with quality and a top of the line driving experience in mind and (while we may be somewhat biased) we can attest to that. At Toyota of North Charlotte we’re proud to provide an amazing selection of vehicles to you year after year. The Toyota brand encompasses several other vehicle nameplates you might be familiar with, like Lexus, Daihatsu, and more. But, with other automotive manufacturers creating things like tanks, trains, jets, and bratwurst (weird, right?), you might be wondering what else Toyota has its hands in?

At Toyota of North Charlotte, being the big Toyota fans that we are, we’ve compiled a list of side hustles Toyota has going on so you can explore the wide world of our favorite Toyota products!

Different Toyota Products You Probably Didn’t Know About


While you may have already heard of or seen the truly bougie Lexus yacht, you probably didn’t know that that wasn’t Toyota’s first foray into the world of aquatic mobility. In fact, Toyota sold a line of “Epic” boats from 1998 to 2001 to much critical acclaim. Water sports enthusiasts loved Toyota products like boats but Toyota’s large facility didn’t perform as expected and the project was put on hiatus. However, in 2014 Toyota made a return to the water with the Ponam-31. While it costs about $275k, we’re sure this North Charlotte Toyota product is worth every penny.


Believe it or not, one longstanding Toyota product being offered is houses. Toyota has been manufacturing N Charlotte houses since 1975 by using assembly line practices. This program is done exclusively in Japan and has constructed about 250,000 homes throughout the years. Today, this Toyota program is expanding and offering condos, temporary disaster relief shelters, and mortgages. Toyota’s homes must abide by 3 principals during their production:

  1. Developments must be environmentally friendly
  2. Materials must reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  3. Homes must be sustainable for at least 30 years

QR Codes

For those of us who specialize in marketing and advertising, you know how helpful/useful QR codes can be. We can thank Toyota for that as a subsidiary developed this Charlotte Toyota product back in 1994.

Sewing Machines

If you’re familiar with Toyota history you’d know that this one isn’t much of a surprise given that Toyota began as a loom company back in 1924 and started making cars in 1933. Today, sewing machines are a choice Toyota product that are sold today and are hailed as one of the most functional on the market.

Fork Lifts

Factory and warehouse work is often done with forklifts and other niche equipment. The fork lift is another unexpected Toyota product in the automotive manufacturer’s wheel house. Toyota’s N Charlotte fork lifts and pallet trucks are equipped with a unique feature called Active Stability system that make them safer than comparable offerings.


Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Toyota was set to debut a unique set of Toyota products for the Tokyo Olympics, accessibility robotics. This included a variety of helpful robots designed to perform specific tasks to assist those who are differently abled and/or elderly. Toyota also manufactures a robot called the Kirobo Mini that acts a baby robot best friend for consumer consumption.

There are several other non-vehicle Toyota products out there and we recommend you check them all out if you can! If you’re looking to get behind the wheel of one of the several Toyota cars you know and love, visit Toyota of North Charlotte today at 13429 Statesville Road or shop our inventory online.

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