Tips for driving in high winds

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Hurricane season is in full swing here at Toyota of N Charlotte. High winds come hand-in-hand with hurricanes and thunderstorms during the summer. Thunderstorms that create a lot of high winds can make it dangerous during your commute to work, and cause objects to fly off someone’s car into your lane. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make driving in high winds bearable and safe. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we have the best tips to keep your car safe and sound while on the road this summer! 

high winds

Tip #1 Watch the weather.

It’s good practice to stay vigilant and check what is going on with the weather before you head out for your commute. You can save yourself some stress by leaving early before the bad weather starts. However, if you do happen to get caught in the thunderstorm with high winds and it’s difficult to drive just pull over somewhere safe and wait it out. 

Tip #2 Keep your distance. 

Another great Charlotte Toyota tip is to leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. If the car in front of you has a loose item that falls off their car, then you don’t want to be stuck behind it and possibly getting injured or damaging your car. Our North Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends leaving more space in front of you than you normally would. 

Don’t put the pedal to the metal in this instance 

Tip #3 Go the speed limit. 

When driving in high winds, it’s best to go the speed limit, or even a little slower than the posted speed limit. The speed limit is there to keep you safe on the road, so don’t ignore it! The faster you’re driving in high winds, then the slower your reaction time will be. 

Tip #4 Remove any exterior items on your Toyota car. 

If you check the weather and you have to go out on the road in the high winds, then be sure to remove any Charlotte Toyota accessories outside of your car that might fly away. This means to make sure your bike racks, luggage, or any kayaks are removed before hitting the highway. Our North Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends this because you could cause a car accident if something comes off of your car in the high winds. 

Tip #5 Keep both hands on the wheel 

It’s super important to keep both hands on the wheel at all times. This means don’t text and drive, ignore that pesky phone call that comes through, and keep your eyes on the road. This will give you plenty of time to come to an abrupt stop if you need to. 

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