When to Change Your Power Steering Fluid

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When it comes to car maintenance, the list of things you have to do to your car can seem endless and maybe even leave you a little confused. There are Charlotte Toyota tire rotations, brake pad replacements, and fluid changes. One fluid change that might slip your mind from time to time is a power steering fluid change. It’s important to have a Charlotte Toyota power steering fluid change every 50,000 miles or every two years. However, if you wait until you hear your car groaning and moaning, then it’s going to cost you some big bucks.

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4 Ways to Determine it’s Time to Change Your Power Steering Fluid 

Tip #1 Fluid Inspection. 

The first way to check if you need more power steering fluid is to turn your car on, find the reservoir, pull out the dipstick, and check the color of your fluid. If everything is going well under the hood, then the color should be bright red. However, if the fluid is going bad, then the color will be dark. Dark colors with a burnt smell mean that the fluid has been damaged by overheating and isn’t effective anymore. Now, you’ll need to flush it out.

Tip #2 Steering Problems.

Also, if you feel like your steering wheel has been loose or super stiff, then this means that the fluid level is more than likely below the “MIN” level and that it’s time to change your Charlotte Toyota power steering fluid. This isn’t something that you want to ignore, because it could lead to your steering being slow to respond. And, this can lead to a car accident.

Tip #3 Read Your Manual. 

Also, most people who own or lease a car, forget to read the owner’s manual. This little booklet has valuable information and lets you know when it’s time to change your Charlotte Toyota power steering fluid without having to do any research. Never assume that fluid changes are the same for every vehicle. It’s always best to double-check first.

Tip #4 Steering Pump. 

Finally, the last thing you might have to check is your Charlotte Toyota steering pump. This helps circulate the power steering fluid, and it’ll fail if you drive long distances without any power steering fluid. Running out of this fluid can make the pump dry and you’ll have to work twice as hard to drive the car. Just remember, that if it’s getting harder to take those sharp right turns, then it might just be time for a Charlotte Toyota car maintenance check. Our auto service technicians can help determine what’s wrong with your car and diagnose the problem for you.

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