A Guide on Common Road Signs

Driving, for many of us, has become as mundane as mundane can be. Every day you sit in your vehicle, turn the keys, push the pedals, and turn the steering wheel. By this point you probably don’t even remember the route you take to work, school, or wherever every day because the process has become so routine. While this isn’t inherently a bad thing as it demonstrates your competence behind the wheel, it does lead to overconfidence and possible bad consequences.

If someone were to quiz you on something crucial to driving, like road signs, would you be able to identify them all correctly? For those worried about a hypothetical quiz or those who simply need a refresher, Toyota of North Charlotte is here with an easy guide on road signs!

Basic Road Signs and What They Mean

1) Stop Sign

North Charlotte road sign

Perhaps the most common and basic sign on the road, the stop is highly recognizable. Red, octagonal, and adorned with the simple word “STOP,” the stop sign informs drivers to, well, stop. You can typically find these on low traffic roadways, intersections, and construction zones.

2) Yield Sign

If you’ve ever traveled on an on or off ramp to a highway, you’ve seen a yield sign. Yielding means to allow another action to take place. In the case of traveling in your North Charlotte vehicle, this road sign means to allow another driver to proceed before you do. These road signs can be found on merge lanes, highway ramps, and anywhere else traffic patterns converge.

3) Keep Left or Right Sign

Road sign in North Charlotte

The meaning of this sign is pretty self explanatory. A keep left or right sign means to merge to either the left or right to avoid colliding with an oncoming obstacle like a median or partition in the road.

4) Men at Work

This sign typically designates construction zones. They’re usually accompanied by an adjusted speed limit sign to warn drivers of unfamiliar terrain and exercise caution as there are people moving around the construction zone. Pay close attention to your surroundings when you see this North Charlotte road sign.

5) Speed Limit

Road sign in North Charlotte

Speed limit signs might seem like guidelines rather than actual rules (see what we did there?), but they’re there for a reason. A speed limit is designated as the safest maximum speed you should drive on a particular street. They can change frequently depending on the environment you’re driving in so pay attention to them.

6) Wildlife Signs

Depending on where you’re driving, you might spot a sign with a species of animal on it, most commonly deer, ducks, and rodents. These signs are to warn drivers that wildlife frequents the area and enters the roadway unexpectedly. Exercise caution when driving through these areas, especially at night.

7) No U Turn

U turns are one of the best automotive maneuvers you can do to turn around on a roadway. However, some traffic intersections do not allow it to prevent an accident from occurring. You can typically find this sign in a left turn lane or near the traffic light that indicates a left turn.

Still have questions about road signs and what they mean? Give Toyota of North Charlotte a call (704) 875 9199 today!