Driving in the Rain Safety Tips from Toyota of N Charlotte

Face it, at some point in your life you’ve either channeled your inner Gene Kelly or have tried to by singin’ in the rain. While skipping and dancing through the sky’s waterfalls may seem appealing, driving in it is not the same. Driving in the rain whether it be light or heavy tends to be stress inducing—which is a recipe for disaster. Nevertheless, here at Toyota of N Charlotte we definitely have your back. Check out these tips you should remember so you can have a safe experience when driving in the rain!

Tips on Driving in the rain from Toyota of N Charlotte.

What To Do When You’re Driving in the Rain

Tip #1: Slow Down
Exercise caution when driving in the rain. The wet pavement causes tires to lose traction, therefore making your N Charlotte Toyota a little more difficult to handle. Also, if it begins to rain after there has been a dry spell, you need to be extra careful because engine oil and grease build up on the roads throughout time. Once this build up is combined with precipitation, you’ve got yourself a slip n’ slide. Unfortunately, this slip n’ slide leads to collision. Avoid this by slowing down as soon as it starts raining.

Tip #2: Turn on Headlights
In all states, it’s the law to turn on your car headlights when there’s low visibility. This not only helps you see the road ahead, it also helps other drivers see your N Charlotte Toyota.

Tip #3: Windshield Wipers Should be in Top Shape
Driving in the rain with worn out windshield wipers is a recipe for disaster. With the raindrops jumping onto your windshield visibility is already low. Imagine adding broken windshield wipers that’ll only end up smudging your view even more.

Tip #4: Defog your Windows
The windshield of your N Charlotte Toyota can fog up during the rain. It’s no big deal, just remember to drive slowly and turn on your front and rear defrosters, it’ll maximize visibility.

Tip #5: Increase your Following Distance
You’re probably accustomed to driving closer—not too close of course—to the vehicles in front of you. Nevertheless, when it’s raining it’s best to give other vehicles plenty of room for emergency braking with reduced force. Braking fast on a slippery road can actually cause your N Charlotte Toyota to slip through the road and even crash into another vehicle. If everyone keeps a safe distance with other vehicles when driving in the rain, there will be enough time to brake slowly.

Tip #6: Turn Off Cruise Control
As ironic as it sounds, on rain-slick surfaces, cruise control can actually cause you to lose control. In your mind you might think that it’ll help you stay at a constant speed on the road, the reality is that it’ll make your N Charlotte Toyota go faster.

As you can tell, driving in the rain can be stressful. But just relax, follow our tips, and you’ll be able to have a smoother driving experience. For more tips and tricks, call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704) 875-9199.