Looking For a Toyota Key Fob Replacement?

Sometimes having technology can cause problems when trying to get into your ride. But, Toyota of N Charlotte is here to put your stress at ease! Whether your Toyota key fob isn’t functioning properly or you lost it, we can help! Fortunately, it’s super easy to replace your Toyota key fob (or fix it). Let’s see what the auto service technicians have to say!

Toyota key fob

Toyota Key Fob Probs?

When your N Charlotte Toyota key fob stops working, it can leave you scratching your head. You might be wondering how you can get into your car if it’s not working. Luckily, you’ll still be able to get into your car with the physical key that is folded into your Toyota key fob.

But, before you panic, you’ll want to inspect your key fob to see what type of battery is inside.

  • If you have a new N Charlotte Toyota, you can open your key by unfolding the hidden key and putting it in the slot that’s designed to open the case.
  • But, if you have an older Toyota, you’ll have to unblock the case by sticking a thin object to pry the case open.
  • Pro tip: look for the notch that stands out.
  • Toyota of N Charlotte has created a step-by-step guide if you need to replace your Toyota key fob.

Step 1. Remove the key from the fob. 

So, the first step you’ll want to take when replacing the battery in your N Charlotte Toyota key fob is to press the metal button above the key part of your fob. Be sure to press the button and pull out the key.

Step 2. Open the fob. 

Next, take a small screwdriver (or a flat object) and stick the screwdriver into the small slot that the key fits into. The fob should pop open now!

Step 3. Remove the green circuit board. 

Now you should see a green circuit board. But, be extra careful with this so that you don’t damage the components.

Step 4. Replace the battery. 

Now you’ll want to be sure what type of N Charlotte Toyota battery is in your key fob. You should be able to find out what type of battery it is by what is written on it. If you can’t see what type of battery it is, then you should be able to find out in your N Charlotte Toyota manual. However, most Toyota key fobs require a CR 2032 3V. And, you should be able to find this type of battery at most electric stores or you can find it online.

Step 5. Voila! 

After the new battery is in, just close it up and you’re done! Your key fob should be working properly now. If you need any help, then we can help you find the battery or replace it for you. Luckily, it doesn’t take too long.

Toyota of N Charlotte Can Help! 

If you need help with your key fob, then stop by our dealership today! We’re open seven days a week at 13429 Statesville Road. Just take exit 23 off I-77 in Huntersville.