Is Your Car Totaled if Your Car Airbags Deploy?

So, you just got into a car accident and your Charlotte Toyota car airbags deployed. You may have been told in the past that this means that your car is a total loss. But, this isn’t necessarily true in every case. There are a lot of factors that go into determining if your car is a total loss when your Charlotte Toyota car airbags deploy. 

car airbags deploy

Before we get into the details about your car being a total loss if your car airbags deploy, let’s go over what a totaled car means.

  • The insurer has to follow your state’s law to determine if your vehicle is totaled.
  • And, every state has its own total loss threshold, which can range from 50-100%.
  • For example, if your car is worth $5,000 and the damage exceeds this amount, then your car will be considered total. However, if the damage is beneath this number, then your car isn’t a total loss.

Car Airbags Deploy: What to Do Now 

But, what if your car airbags deploy? Is this a total loss? At Toyota of N Charlotte, this is considered a total loss if the damages exceed the amount of the car’s worth. Again, all of this depends on what the insurer finds when they evaluate your car to access the damages.

  • If your car is deemed a total loss when your car airbags deploy, then you’ll receive a check that can be used toward a down payment on a new ride at Toyota of N Charlotte.
  • But, if it’s not considered a total loss, then our expert Charlotte Toyota auto service technicians can fix your car and make it brand new!
  • The reason that you’ve heard that most cars are a total loss if your car airbags deploy is mostly due to old age.
  • A new car at Toyota of N Charlotte holds more value than an older or used car, so your car holds more value.

Also, once your car airbags deploy, you’re not able to use them again. Driving without airbags increases your chances of a fatal injury by 30 percent! Your car insurer will replace your airbags for you if it’s not totaled, hit by another car, and has collision insurance that pays for dents, breaks, and destruction irrespective of the issue. If you do need new airbags (or even if you don’t), then Toyota of N Charlotte will make sure of the following below!

  • Reset the airbag warning light. 

If your car gets into an accident and the airbags don’t reply. It can still trigger the sensor to go off.

  • Reset or replace the airbags. 

Some cars can have the airbags reset after a car accident, while other times ordering a replacement is the only solution.

Toyota of N Charlotte is Here For You! 

If you get into a car accident, then our dealership is here for you. Our auto service technicians can help you get your car back into the condition it was before the accident. If you want to book an appointment just stop by 13429 Statesville Road! We look forward to helping you today!