Tips to Defog Your Windshield in Warm and Cold Temperatures

If you’ve ever wondered why your Charlotte Toyota car windows fog up, then you’re not alone! Temperature differences, air quality, more passengers in your ride, and a dirty windshield are all causes for you to defog your windshield. And, it’s important to use your car defroster so you can see out of your windshield and not have anything obstructing your view from the road. Let’s dig in!

defog your windshield

How to Defog Your Windshield 

There are different techniques to defog your windshield based on the temperature outside. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to go over the differences between warm and cold weather and what to do in each situation!

Defog Your Windshield in Warm Temps. 

If it’s a warm, summer day, then you’ll want to use the tips below to defog your windshield.

  • Use your Charlotte Toyota windshield wipers. By using your windshield wipers, you’ll immediately reduce the fog on your car’s glass and can have some more visibility on the road.
  • Turn down your AC unit. If you lower your Charlotte Toyota air conditioner to the coolest temperature, then this should balance the warm air that’s outside of your car.
  • Turn off the recirculation button. If you switch off the recirculation button, then this will balance out the levels from the inside of your cabin and out.

Defog Your Windshield in Cold Temps. 

Now that we’ve covered what to do during warm temperatures, Toyota of N Charlotte is here to get into how to defog your windshield when it’s cold outside.

  • Turn on the AC unit. If you turn your AC to full blast and crank up the heat to the highest setting, then this will help! This will help pull the moisture from the outside air and pump up your visibility in no time!
  • Turn off recirculation. If you turn off the recirculation, it will allow cooler and dryer air inside of the cabin.
  • Crank your windows down. Toyota of N Charlotte also recommends opening up your windows. Doing this will let allow the humid air out and the fresh air in. This should remove most of the fog from your windshield.
  • Push the defrost button. The last step you can take to defog your windshield is to turn on the car defroster button. This will send warm air across your windshield and evaporates moisture that’s on your windshield.

If you want to keep some extra items in your car, then you can keep ammonia-based window cleaner and shaving cream to apply to the inside of your ride. It’s also good practice to wipe off your shoes to prevent the amount of moisture that gets into your car and have your HVAC system inspected.

Toyota of N Charlotte Can Help! 

If you need more tips to decrease the fog on your windshield, then stop by Toyota of N Charlotte. We’ve got all of the tools you might need to defrost your windows and our auto service technicians can point you in the right direction. We’re located at 13429 Statesville road! Just take exit 23 off I-7 in Huntersville!