Electric Car Maintenance and Oil Changes

If you’ve been thinking of putting an electric car in your driveway, then you’re not alone. We applaud you as you’re one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint! By making the switch, you’re going to save on fuel costs and Charlotte Toyota electric car maintenance. And, one of the most common questions we get at Toyota of N Charlotte is whether or not electric cars use car oil. Our auto service technicians are here to spill the details!

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Electric Car Maintenance: Do You Need an Oil Change? 

Electric cars don’t need to have their Charlotte Toyota car oil changed. These cars are powered by a battery and an electric motor, so they don’t use a majority of conventional fluids that you’d use in a gas vehicle. Traditional gas-powered cars use oil to keep the engine cool and all of the moving parts lubricated. Electric cars don’t have an engine so the need for Charlotte Toyota electric car maintenance is reduced and you won’t need oil changes.

But, it’s important to remember that full electric vehicles don’t need an oil change during their electric car maintenance, but hybrids or plug-in hybrids do need to get their oil changed. For these types of vehicles, you’ll need to schedule routine car maintenance.

So, if an electric vehicle doesn’t need an oil change, then what type of Charlotte Toyota electric car maintenance do you need? Well, we’ve gathered the essential services you’ll want to have at Toyota of N Charlotte regularly.

  • Battery maintenance and inspections.
  • Brake services and brake pad replacements.
  • However, you won’t need to replace your brake fluid, because there isn’t any in an electric car.
  • Some electric vehicles need transmission fluid, but to be sure you’ll have to check your owner’s manual. If you’re still unsure, then our expert auto service technicians can help you out.
  • You’ll need tire rotations and new tires on your ride.
  • Another Charlotte Toyota electric car maintenance service you’ll need are software checks. Most updates are sent over the air, but to be safe, we can check it out while you’re getting your car checked at our dealership.

So, in short, you will need some auto services for your electric car. But, like anything in life, it will need some special TLC every now and then, but oil changes aren’t one of them. The lack of an engine in an electric vehicle will save you a bunch of money and time in the long run. And, you can’t forget that you’ll save a ton of money on gas, which will put more money in your pocket for shopping trips!

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